Journalism Bursaries 2023 South Africa

Bursaries for Journalism in South Africa 2023: Are you looking for Journalism bursaries in South Africa 2023? In this article, I will provide you with details on the various available bursaries to study Journalism in South Africa 2023, how to submit your application online and other related information.

Application is currently open for Journalism bursaries in South Africa 2023.

Journalism Bursaries for 2023

Journalism is a form of communication that allows news on current affairs, which are based on facts and evidence, to be broadcast to all members of society. Journalists are responsible for assessing, gathering, presenting, and creating information and news for the general public and some journalistic media forms are television, radio, print, and internet.

Journalism is essential to society as it helps inform and keep people updated on the necessary information they need to live their lives. Journalism helps people “stay in the loop” with what is happening in the world and make informed decisions relating to their finances, safety, government, and overall decisions. Journalism is also closely linked to Communication Studies, Media Studies, and Social Science Studies.

To become a Journalist, you will need to have a minimum qualification of a Bachelors and some of the Bachelor’s qualifications you could obtain are a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia, Communication, Public Relations, and more. While tertiary studies are essential to become a professional in this field, it is also advisable to seek out internships at media and news stations as it will allow you to gain hands-on experience in the industry.

There are many jobs in communications and media one could have with a journalism qualification. Some of the many careers are a broadcaster, magazine feature editor, newspaper journalist, sub-editor, web content manager, copywriter, researcher, and public relations officer.

If you are interested in studying within this field and are in need of bursary funding, here are a list of Journalism bursaries in South Africa for you:

  • Canon Collins Education Journalism Scholarship
  • dentsu SA Bursary
  • Instinctif Partners Bursary
  • KAS-SAIIA-Scholarship
  • Mpumalanga Provincial Government Bursary
  • SAMNET Bursary