Humanities Bursaries 2023 South Africa

Bursaries for Humanities in South Africa 2023: Are you looking for Humanities bursaries in South Africa 2023? In this article, I will provide you with details on the various available bursaries to study Humanities in South Africa 2023, how to submit your application online and other related information.

Application is currently open for Humanities bursaries in South Africa 2023.

Humanities Bursaries for 2023

Humanities is the study of ancient empires, languages, poetry, liberal arts, literature, culture, human values, and more- both in modern and ancient times. It is the discipline of studying humans and society from a critical perspective, majoring in subjects such as English, History, and Philosophy. Many students of humanities study humanity and try to dissect and understand their values and beliefs.

The study of humanities is vital to society as this research allows us to gain knowledge about our world as well can experience the values of different cultures, how art is made, and how history is made. Humanities help us gain an understanding of the world we live in and give us the necessary tools to further map our future.

Humanities consist of MANY careers with all the studies falling under the Bachelors of Arts category. To study a Bachelor of Arts in humanities you would need Matric to pass with a minimum aggregate of 50% for English and Mathematics; a minimum pass rate of 60% as well as pass the relevant entry assessments.

If you are looking for Humanities bursaries for 2023, here are some options for you: