City of Tshwane Vacancies 2022: Check Posts, Qualifications and How to Apply

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JOB FORUM 5/2022


Our policy is to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons without regard to race, religious belief, age, national origin, marital status, physical disability, HIV status, gender, social origin, culture, political opinion, conscience and sexual orientation. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. The City of Tshwane is committed to employment equity. Preference may be given to appointable applicants from the underrepresented designated groups in terms of the City’s Employment Equity Plan. The City retains the right not to make an appointment and to verify all information provided by candidates.

Applicants should note that they will be required to provide proof of their qualifications or any other relevant documents (certified copies or original documents) during the selection process. Appointments will be subject to the positive verification of qualifications (from Grade 12 upwards). Any misrepresentation of qualifications or information on the application of an applicant, failure to present proof of claimed qualifications or fraudulent qualifications will disqualify a candidate for appointment. If it is an internal candidate, he/she may be disciplined for misconduct.

The online system closes at midnight on the closing date and no late applications can be accepted. If you do not receive correspondence from our office within 21 days of the application’s closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful.

The City of Tshwane seeks to fill the positions as indicated in this job forum.


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Please note that online applications will close at midnight.


Division: Strategic Support Services
Section: Research Support Services
Location: Pretoria Central
Reference number: OFCW088-2022
To be advertised: Internal External
This position seeks to attract: African female, African male, Coloured female, Coloured male, Indian female, Indian male, White female, White male, Person with disability, All categories
Job level: T17
Scale: R710 460,00 – R986 736,00 per annum
Estimated remuneration package: R1 043 376,00 – R1 395 023,00 per annum

Job purpose
To conduct research as and when required, which includes but is not limited to tasks such as conception and scoping of research projects, by applying a variety of relevant research techniques to gather relevant information, including conducting document analysis, surveys, case studies and interviews (face-to-face, telephone and online), as well as supervising caucus support staff and facilitating outreach initiatives

Appointment requirements

  • A three-year career-related tertiary qualification (degree or national diploma)
  • A postgraduate qualification will be an added advantage
  • Relevant working experience using large, complex datasets extracted from enterprise systems, of which at least four years should be at management level
  • Valid Code B driving licence
  • Computer literacy

Personal attributes and/or competencies
Demonstrated expertise with inferential statistical techniques and their application to practical problems; proven ability to use analytics to answer applied questions, select appropriate techniques, use data visualisation and presentation methods appropriate to the audience, and effectively communicate recommendations; ability to consult in advance with users of the research to understand their questions and the problem the research is intended to address; ability to productively contribute to the research team comprised of members with varying levels of expertise and methodological backgrounds; familiarity with common data confidentiality and security protocols; strong analytical ability; excellent writing and research skills; excellent verbal communication; ability to interact with a diverse range of stakeholders; high level of professionalism; ability to work under pressure; being a self-motivated and proactive individual; ability to display the requisite levels of dynamism and innovative ability; ability to work independently towards the strategic goals of the organisation; ability to impart skills to colleagues; high levels of technical competency in the candidate’s respective field must be evident

Primary functions

  • Drawing up business plans
  • Preparing data for analysis and using data management techniques, such as cleaning, coding, processing, classifying, storing and documenting
  • Executing generic management functions
  • Executing generic financial functions
  • Ensuring information resource acquisition and assessment
  • Ensuring research results analysis and reporting
  • Ensuring research results implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Developing research dashboard management processes
  • Controlling the research and development process
  • Researching and documenting all areas as required to assist good quality short- and long-term planning, monitoring and evaluation

SAP: S70001043
New/natural attrition: Natural attrition
Enquiries: T Louw (012 358 1226)


Division: Human Settlements Provision
Location: Pretoria Central
Reference number: HOSD097-2022
To be advertised: Internal External
This position seeks to attract: African female African male Coloured female Coloured male Indian female Indian male White female White male Person with disability All categories
Job level: T18
Scale: R795 720,00 – R1 105 152,00 per annum
Estimated remuneration package: R1 154 296,00 – R1 548 145,00 per annum

Job purpose
To provide technical and operational expertise in project planning, procurement, contract management and execution for human settlements infrastructure projects for the provision of infrastructure, such as bulk services, reticulation of services (water and sewer), roads and storm water and the construction of houses, and to provide technical support to the Divisional Head: Human Settlements Provision, the Group Head: Human Settlements and assurance for operations

Appointment requirements

  • An appropriate three-year career-related tertiary qualification (degree or national diploma) in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering or Construction Studies
  • Registration with the Engineering Council of South Africa as PrEng, PrTechEng or PrTechniEng in terms of the Engineering Profession Act, 2000 (Act 46 of 2000) or the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) will be an added advantage
  • Relevant experience in a civil, structural and construction engineering and project management environment, of which at least five years should be at management level
  • Valid Code B driving licence
  • Computer literacy and good working knowledge of Microsoft Office package
  • Willingness to work after hours and weekends, when required

Personal attributes and/or competencies
Ethical; good communication skills; good interpersonal relations; good team member; ability to pay attention to detail; professional at all times; ability to work independently at a strategic level; integrity; ability to work under pressure; flexibility; ability to meet given deadlines; exceptional and dynamic creativity to improve the functioning of the section; administrative skills; organising and coordination skills; financial management skills; project management skills; analytical skills; presentation skills

Primary functions

  • Ensuring project auditing
  • Conducting individual research interviews with project stakeholders, project managers and project team members to identify past, current and future issues, concerns, challenges and opportunities
  • Conducting individual research interviews with stakeholders, including vendors, suppliers, contractors, other internal and external project resources and selected customers
  • Assessing the issues, challenges and concerns in more depth to get to the root causes of problems
  • Reviewing all historical and current documentation related to the project, including team structure, scope statement, business requirements, project plan, milestone report, meeting minutes, action items, risk logs, issue logs and change logs
  • Reviewing the project plan to determine how the vendor plan has been incorporated into the overall project plan
  • Interviewing selected stakeholders to identify and determine what their expectations of the project were and to identify to what extent their expectations have been met
  • Reviewing project quality management and product quality management to identify issues, concerns and challenges in the overall management of the project and to identify the opportunities that can be realised through improvements to the attention paid to project and product quality
  • Identifying lessons learnt that can improve the performance of other future projects within the organisation
  • Overseeing risk and issue management by ensuring risk identification, risk quantification, risk response, and risk monitoring and control
  • Ensuring impact and change management
  • Ensuring project impact analysis to support the evaluating and tracking of a suggested modification to a project’s scope
  • Measuring and setting standards regarding project change management of time (the deadline of the project), resources available (people and money needed) and output (the form of the deliverables)
  • Ensuring project communication
  • Designing and implementing communication plan formats for constant and effective communication among all project stakeholders
  • Ensuring that the right information gets to the right project stakeholder at the right time
  • Managing the communication plan
  • Ensuring the timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval and ultimate disposal of project information
  • Providing the critical links among people and information that are necessary for successful communication
  • Guiding the project manager, project team, stakeholders, customers, sponsors and everyone involved in the project to understand how communication affects the project as a whole
  • Including guidelines for project status meetings, project team meetings, virtual meetings and emails
  • Identifying and defining immediate, short- and long-term objectives
  • Keeping abreast of trends, theories and practices underlying the rendering of services
  • Implementing the department’s business and strategic plans and associated short- and long-term performance and service delivery plans
  • Monitoring the progress of specific key performance indicators and measures
  • Ensuring that performance indicators are identified, objectives are aligned, and appropriate procedures are developed and implemented
  • Analysing and aligning requirements with operating capacity and capability
  • Ensuring a climate conducive to promoting and sustaining motivational levels, productivity and performance by directing and controlling outcomes associated with the use, productivity and performance of personnel within the section
  • Defining and adjusting the key performance indicators and job profiles of personnel against service delivery requirements
  • Evaluating the capability of prospective applicants and leading the interview and final selection sessions
  • Conducting appraisals to measure performance and objectives against agreed targets and setting new objectives
  • Identifying professional and technical skill gaps and completing developmental plans for existing personnel with clearly defined career paths and job-enrichment opportunities
  • Monitoring the adequacy of current training interventions and reporting on impacts after training
  • Implementing human resources policies and procedures to control and regulate workplace conflict and/or instituting corrective measures
  • Analysing staff attendance, absenteeism, overtime and lost time, and implementing and monitoring specific remedial measures aimed at improving productivity and reducing personnel-related costs
  • Ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety policies
  • Ensuring compliance with the skills development plan for the section
  • Ensuring compliance with employment equity policy and plans for the section
  • Monitoring and controlling the section’s budget so that income and expenditure is in line with Council requirements
  • Preparing and submitting the capital and operational budget
  • Managing the capital and operational budget
  • Managing the assets of the department
  • Ensuring 50% affirmable procurement of total procurement within the section

SAP: To be determined
New/natural attrition: Natural attrition
Enquiries: S Shiburi (012 358 8237)